2nd to 5th April 2020. Lock it in. See you at the Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre

2nd to 5th April 2020. Lock it in. See you at the Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre


Answers to your budding questions.

Registration FAQs

I'm registering the boat; can I book my mates in at the same time?

Yes, you can! 

You can register multiple anglers at the time of registration. 

Can I register multiple anglers?

Absolutely. You can register your friends and family for the tournament under the one booking. 

However, each registered angler will need their own email address. 

Please also note, you'll be required to pay for all entries at the time of registration. 

I'm registering the boat; do i have to book in my mates fishing from the boat too?

No, you don't!

You can register yourself and the boat and your mates can book themselves in as 'boat passengers'.

Do I need a Victorian Fishing Licence?

Yes, you will require a Victorian Fishing Licence at the commencement of the Tournament. 

Victorian Fishing Licences can be purchased here.

It's not a requirement at the time of registration. 

Do I need insurance for my boat?

No. Insurance is not a requirement for the tournament. 

We do however highly recommend that all boats are adequately insured. 

Does each person I'm registering need an email address?
Yes, each person registered into the tournament will need their own individual email address. 

If you're registering someone who doesn't have their own email address, you can either;
  • use your second email address
  • create a free account using either gmail, outlook, yahoo mail or any other email service you choose. 

Can kids fish from a boat?

Yes. Kids can fish from your boat, but to participate in the competition they'll need to be individually registered. Kids 5 to 12 years $50 or Cadets 13 to 16 years $140. 

Do I pay online or at the event?

You pay online.

You'll be prompted to pay online as the last step in the registration process. 

What are the payment methods?

Payment methods are credit card only. 

Tournament FAQs

Can I enter on the weekend?

You’d be brave to wait! Entries into the tournament are capped and with $500,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs the tournament will sell out in advance. Trust us, you’ll want to secure your place as soon as entries open.

Is the tournament capped?

Yes, to ensure we get good fishing over the weekend, we’ve capped the competition.

Boat numbers are capped to 1,000, so you’ll need to be quick off the mark to land one of these elusive spots. 

How can we fish during the tournament?

You can either fish from your boat, kayak or from the banks of the Goulburn River.

What are the tournament boundaries?

A tournament map is available here.

What are the target species?

We are championing the Murray Cod and Golden Perch, two of the stalwarts when talking Aussie Native Freshwater species.

Click here to find out more about the target species.

What type of licence do I need?

The Goulburn River and Nagambie Lakes are governed by Victorian fishing rules and regulations; therefore you need a Victorian fishing license.

You can purchase a 3-day licence for $10 here. 

Do I need a boat?

No. You can fish from the bank and from a kayak.

What type of boat licence do I need?

As with a drivers licence, you’ll need a current, in date Australian Boating License.

General FAQs

What is GoFish Nagambie?

GoFish Nagambie is a celebration of all things fishing, food, family fun and community. 

To find out more about GoFish Nagambie visit our About page

How do I find the latest information on GoFish Nagambie?
Latest information is available through this website, across our social network and via our e-newsletter. We treat our e-news subscribers as part of the inner sanctum. You will receive insider knowledge on all competition news, exclusive event information and offers, and content from local experts and the best freshwater fishers in the business. We keep our friends close, and our e-news subscribers closer, so sign-up here.
Who can I talk to regarding exhibitor sites?

If you are interested in applying for a retail site, please click here.

For further information regarding exhibitors, please call the GoFish Nagambie team on (03) 8698 2050.

Is the site wheelchair friendly?

Yes. The venue is accessible but please note that the Festival Hub is on unsealed roads and grassed areas and there are some slight undulations.

Can I bring my dog to GoFish Nagambie?

Pets are not permitted at GoFish Nagambie.

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