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Thumbs up at GoFish Nagambie

VRFish Individual Membership


VRFish are proud to have once again partnered with GoFish Nagambie ahead of their next fishing competition and festival in 2020. GoFish Nagambie truly aligns with our values and celebrates our fantastic native fishery. The GoFish team are promoting participation in recreational fishing, and demonstrate how important fishing is to our regional communities. By being a catch and release event it helps to ensure fish for the future in the Nagambie region all of which are important priorities for Victorian fishers and VRFish.

Since 2019’s inaugural GoFish Nagambie, VRFish have implemented significant and exciting changes to become an inclusive member-based organisation. We are pleased to invite all Victorian recreational fishers to join VRFish as individual members.

As a VRFish individual member, you will be joining Victoria’s largest fishing community and helping us to make fishing better, for everyone! Our new membership enables us to communicate and engage with you directly about issues and opportunities affecting recreational fishing and where you can help out.
VRFish is not the Government. We’re fishers, just like you and we want to make fishing better for everyone in Victoria. The more members and support VRFish has, the stronger voice we have as recreational fishers to continue building awesome fishing opportunities and that our voice is heard loud and clear across Government.

To learn more about VRFish membership including member benefits, visit the VRFish website

Join us to become a part of Victoria’s largest fishing community, unite all Victorian anglers, protect your fishing future and make fishing better, for everyone!


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