25-28 April 2019

Tournament Zone.

Map of GoFish Nagambie Tournament Zone

Spoiled for Choice.

The GoFish Nagambie tournament zone covers overs over 30km of river and lake system providing anglers with plenty of space to find themselves that winning fish. Spanning from the Goulbourn Weir all the way down to Hughes Creek there’s stacks of habitat and structure to try your luck at. The footprint produces strong arguments for all three categories. What will it be? The boat, the kayak or the bank. It’s a tough choice.

Nagambie Lakes, whilst shallow in nature, is formed by a deep river bed and flooded lagoons. The lake is full of heavy structure and timber that could be hiding some monster cod.

The Goulburn River section that falls within the tournament zone is littered with timber, in fact, there is so much timber in the river it can be hard to know where to start. A good problem to have and you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice. This also means fish have a plethora of snags to choose from, which means you’ll need to be selective in which you choose to fish. If you cast at every snag, you’ll be fishing for months on end.

The GoFish Nagambie tournament zone provides anglers with plenty of choice in how they fish the tournament. All we can say now is best of luck.

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