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& Regulations

GoFish Nagambie 2019.
Rules and Regulations of Tournament.

Tournament conducted on the Goulburn River, Nagambie and surrounds. Hosted at the GoFish Nagambie Festival Hub, Nagambie Lakes and Regatta Centre, Nagambie Victoria Thursday 25th April (Anzac day) – Sunday 28th April 2019.

GoFish Nagambie is an environmentally sustainable Catch / Measure / Release Tournament.

  • Catch (species).

    Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Redfin and European Carp.

  • Measure.

    GoFish Nagambie tournament smart phone App which facilitates the measuring and proof of catch, automatically entering the caught & legal fish into the competition.

  • Release.

    After carefully photographing your catch please humanely release the fish. European Carp are listed as a “noxious aquatic species” and not returned to the water. They should be thoughtfully disposed of or brought back to the Festival Hub (further information on the handling of species will be provided).

  • GoFish Nagambie tournament includes Trailer Fishing Boat (NB: Wake Boats and Jet Skis cannot be used), Kayak/Canoe and Land based fishing.
  • Each competitor must provide an individual entry form for the tournament, providing the GoFish Nagambie organisers the participant name and other detail required by the application for entry.
  • All participants are required to have access to a smart phone (it is not necessary for the participant to own a smart phone but have access to a smart phone with the free App installed) to utilise the GoFish App for the participant submission of entries of the fish caught.
  • All competitors between the ages of 18 and 70 must hold a current Victorian Fishing License (subject to the Regulations of Age). Competitors under 18 and over 70 are also welcome.
  • All participants must observe the Victorian Recreational Fishing Regulations.
  • All fish entered in the tournament must comply with the Victorian Fisheries Authority Regulations.
    • The participants must have knowledge of the regulations; it is the participant’s responsibility to comply with the recreational fishing regulations.
    • Note anglers who use illegal means or equipment to catch fish will be disqualified from the tournament. The GoFish Nagambie organisers, officials & representatives reserve the right to inspect and police equipment, bait and fishing methods used.

  • Murray Cod, Golden Perch and Redfin must be photographed quickly and handled appropriately for the fish survival. Please note that Gaffs cannot be used and only fish friendly (knotless) landing nets may be used.
  • The submission of a participants catch can only be made via the free GoFish Nagambie App.
  • The App is available for download from the Google Play Store for android users and the App Store for Apple users.
  • The App is quick, simple and easy to use, instructions are provided upon the initial log-in of the App.
  • There is an additional requirement for the fish to be photographed on the supplied GoFish Nagambie measuring mat which includes unique competitor details automatically recognised or activated by the App.
  • GoFish Nagambie Headquarters (HQ) is based at Nagambie Lakes and Regatta Centre, Nagambie Victoria.
  • Participant numbers are capped at 5,000.
  • The fishing competition area is strictly managed, and no competitor is permitted to submit fish caught outside the competition area boundaries.
  • The number of permissible fishing boats is capped at 1,000.
  • Eligibility for submission to the tournament (entries made via the app), the fish must comply with Fisheries Victoria legal size regulation. A participant may submit as many LEGAL SIZE (55cm – 75cm Cod, above 30cm for Yellow Belly/Redfin) fish as they can catch. Larger fish can be submitted via the app and will be eligible for a prize.
  • Winners must show their competition entry accreditation card to show they are a legal competitor.

Cash and Prize Draw.

There are two divisions of prizes:

1.  Cash prizes for the Biggest Fish and Champion Angler across multiple divisions.

2.  Random prize Cash and Draw where all competitors have a chance of winning.

  • Cash and Prize Draw is a unique prize category for all participants in addition to the cash division prize money.
    • All legal fish entered for division prizes automatically qualify for the Cash Prize Draw, i.e. all fish caught / measured / released (Carp not released) and entered via the GoFish Nagambie App are entered. The more legal fish a participant catches the more Cash Prize Draw entries are automatically entered.

Carp Competition.

  • Carp is a noxious species and is not a catch / measure & release.
  • Anglers will not release a Carp when caught. The catch is to be logged via the GoFish Nagambie App. Carp must be humanly killed and not returned to the river.

Hours of Competition.

  • The tournament fishing hours must be observed.
  • The fish must be caught within the competition area boundaries and within the tournament times: Thursday: Tournament briefing at Festival Hub. Friday: 6.30am to 6.00pm. Saturday 6.30am to 6.00pm and Sunday 6.30am to 12noon.

State Laws.

  • All participants are bound by the laws of Victoria.
    • GoFish Nagambie is a safety-first tournament and the competition is conducted in an environmentally sustainable manner. Victoria Police and Fisheries Officers will police the tournament to ensure the laws of Victoria are observed, including water speed limits, boat licensing laws, fishing license regulations and the general laws of the state of Victoria.


  • The Judge’s decision is final.
    • In the instance of evidence of fraud or cheating, the participant will be disqualified.
    • Fish pre-caught & tethered or caught in nets are not permissible and competitors will be referred to the Victoria Police & Fisheries Officers.


  • A participant is entered when the tournament application is completed and submitted with the entry fee payment.
    • By entering this tournament, participants agree to be bound by the tournament rules and regulations, the laws of Victoria and acknowledge that the organisers of the tournament reserve the right to decline/reject or cancel entries, add further rules & regulations as required, inspect equipment and fishing techniques and the right to disqualify participants if required in the opinion of the organisers.

Competitors Consent.

  • The participant consents to the publication and/or use in any form of merchandise or media whatsoever of their name, image, voice, results, statements or otherwise, without payment or compensation and agree that they will reasonably expect to receive marketing material, such as e-news and entry forms, from GoFish Nagambie.

Rules and regulations are current as at 28th october 2018. Event directors reserve the right to update the rules and regulations at anytime.

To read the full version of the rules and regulations, 

Download PDF here

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