2nd to 5th April 2020. Lock it in. See you at the Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre

2nd to 5th April 2020. Lock it in. See you at the Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre

Target Species.

Here are the species you’ll be targeting at GoFish Nagambie 2019. There might even be some information here that you can use to your advantage. Go your hardest!

Man holding Murray Cod

The Murray Cod.

These guys are the beautifully marked, iconic fish of Australia. They are the largest solely freshwater fish in Australia, and the apex predator of our rivers and lakes. The hits are explosive and that’s why they are known as the king of the waterway and are a prized sport fish among anglers and our top prize getter at GoFish Nagambie 2019.

  • Nicknames

    Goodoo, Green Machine, Slab of Green, Bucket Mouth, Cold Water Whopper. The array of nicknames these guys have is endless.
  • Description

    Murray Cod is one of Australia’s prettiest fish. It’s white underneath and yellowish-green to green on its back. This is overlaid with darker green mottling, giving it the leopard like spots. These guys aren’t known as bucket mouths for nothing, they have a huge mouth which is used for inhaling big prey.
  • Size

    Murray Cod can grow to extreme sizes. The largest officially recorded Murray Cod is a whopping 183cm and 113kg. Whilst we can all dream of landing one like that, the common size is between 40-60cm and about 1-6kg.
  • Habitat

    Murray Cod inhabits the Murray-Darling basin in both rivers and impoundments. They love large slow-flowing waterways with deep holes, structure, dirty water and very little current. They can also live in deep, clear and cold-water impoundments and in fast running snow melt waters with pooled water.
  • Diet

    Murray Cod have the typical ‘seafood diet’. They see food and eat it. Anything that falls in front of them they’ll eat. Typically, this would include yabbies, shrimp, worms, bardi grubs, but they’ll also devour Murray Crays, any large fish including carp (yay!!), ducks, mice, birds, snakes and even golf balls!
  • Behaviour

    Another nickname for these guys is ‘Pigs of the Waterways’ due to their aggressive and territorial nature and their diet.

Man holding Golden Perch

The Golden Perch.

Discover gold with the best mate of the Murray Cod, the Golden Perch. These guys are a brilliant sports fish within their own right and although they don’t grow as big as the Murray Cod, they can still be just as much fun to fish. At GoFish Nagambie 2019, you’ll have the chance to win BIG from one of these true slobs, the obesely oversized footballs of the Goulburn River.

  • Nicknames

    Yellowbelly, Callop, Football and Golden.
  • Description

    As the name suggests, Goldens are a member of the perch family. They’re moderately large fish, oval in shape, and laterally compressed. They have a distinctive concave forehead with a protruding lower jaw. Their claim to fame is that they are the same shape as a footy.
  • Size

    As the story goes, Goldens have been known to reach up to 75cm and above 15kg. If you’ve caught one that size, we’d love to see a photo. Typically, though, they sit around the 35-50cm mark and hit the scales at about 1-3kg with 4kg being a rare one.
  • Habitat

    You’ll find Golden Perch in slow flowing, turbid waterways. They usually live in schools amongst the timber, weeds and reedy edges.
  • Diet

    What makes a Golden Perch lick their lips? They love foraging for their food amongst weedy banks in impoundments. They’re usually looking for yabbies, shrimps, worms, insects and small fish.

Man holding Redfin

The Redfin.

Introduced to Australia in the 1860s, Redfin are considered by most to be a pest, but to freshwater fishos they are revered as some of the best eating fish on offer.

  • Description

    Redfin have a pattern of five or more broad, black vertical bands across their backs and bright reddish/orange pelvic and anal fins.
  • Habitat

    Looking for Redfin is easy as they are not at all fussy when it comes to a home.
  • Diet

    An aggressive strike from one of these fish can stop the heart of its prey beating in an instant and with this aggression they will hit anything that moves in the water.

Man holding Carp

The Carp.

In Australia, Carp have been identified as a priority pest species. That’s why at GoFish Nagambie 2019 we are hosting a carp tournament to pull as many of these pest species out of the river and lake system and join the cause to rehabilitate the Goulburn River.
What are the key issues with Carp?

  • Carp are ‘Ecosystem Engineers’

    They modify our waterways as they suck up mud. They stir up silt and muddy water, blocking sunlight to aquatic vegetation and impacting native fish, bird and aquatic invertebrate species.
  • Carp are ‘Water Wreckers’

    Their feeding activity lowers water quality and increases nutrient levels. This in turn leads to blue-green algae blooms which impacts recreational use of waterways.

  • Carp are ‘Resource Hogs’

    They take valuable food away from native fish.
  • Carp are ‘Trash Fish’

    They get in the way of natives.

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