2nd to 5th April 2020. Lock it in. See you at the Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre

2nd to 5th April 2020. Lock it in. See you at the Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre


fishing methods.

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Land-based Fishing.

 Walking the banks targeting native fish is a simple, effective and fun activity, and nothing beats the adrenaline rush when a Murray Cod nails your surface lure. With plenty of great spots along the Goulburn River and Nagambie Lakes, this could be the method that wins the big cash and prizes on the day.

Kayak Fishing.

Kayak fishing as a sport has really taken off in the last few years and we’re not surprised. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the water erupt as a Murray Cod smashes your lure, particularly when you are at water level in your kayak. Kayaks give you a chance to go into stealth mode and reach some of those spots not accessible by land or boat. Will it be the kayak that proves fruitful at GoFish Nagambie 2019?

Boat Fishing.

When fishos are asked what the most productive method to target big Murray Cod is, they often struggle to look past trolling lures. Boats are definitely the most popular way to target Murray Cod. You’ll need to get in fast though, as boat numbers are capped. Get your entry in early so you don’t miss out.

Catch. Measure. Release.

To improve the survival rate of fish caught at GoFish Nagambie 2019, this is a strictly Catch, Measure, Release competition. The likes of Murray Cod and Golden Perch are iconic species for freshwater anglers. Correct handling and release of Murray Cod and Golden Perch is imperative for their survival so that we can catch more fish and the population can grow stronger.
Measuring a fish on a Measure Mat
Preparing to release a Murray Cod
Murray Cod swimming off

Let ‘Em Go,
Let ‘Em Grow.

Our top six handling and release tips.

1. Have all your gear ready

Removing hooks, photographing it, then reviving and releasing it all requires careful planning. Good organisation leads to a quick release. Have your net, gloves, long nosed pliers, brag mat and camera ready to go in an easily accessible location.

2. Quick is best

These natives really struggle in the warmer top water especially those big Murray Cod and Golden Perch, so the quicker the better.

3. Leave fish in the net while you organise your gear

Minimise the length of time the fish is out of the water. Keeping that fish in the net while you grab that pre-organised gear is good because it keeps the oxygen flowing through its gills.

4. Always wet your hands (and brag mat) and support your fish

Wet your hands and brag mat to minimise damage to its skin.

5. Use a glove or your hand over a lipgrip

Lipgrips can cause damage to the mouths of the fish, opt for a glove instead.

6. Revive the fish on release if they appear exhausted

Gently hold or push the fish through the water to obtain a good flow of water over the gills. If there is any water current, hold the fish upright facing towards the current until it shows signs of recovery.

For more tips on better handling and catch and release tips for Murray Cod please visit the Victorian Fisheries Authority.

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