You’ve gotta be licking your lips at the guaranteed $500,000 prize pool. If you’re a betting man or woman, you’ve gotta like those odds, win your fortune fishing, unreal. We are yet to announce the 2020 prize pool but have a squiz at the 2019 haul to get your mouth watering on what we’re dealing with here.

Prize Pool

The 2020 prize pool hasn’t been announced yet, but check out 2019 to get your mouth watering.


You’ll want your name on this list in 2020…but until then, check out the winners from 2019.

GoFish where? 

Nagambie. In Central, North East Victoria. On the Goulburn River. It’s close to everywhere. Distance is no barrier for you. It’s an easy 90-minute drive from Melbourne. It’s an hour south of the Murray. It’s a 30-minute drive from Shepparton. 120km east of Bendigo. It’s under 3 and a half hours south of Wagga Wagga. It’s a hop skip and a jump from Echuca. Its 550kms South of Canberra and less than 500km from the Murrumbidgee. It’s a plane ride away from Northern Territory, Singapore, Timbuktu and Kathmandu. It’s close to EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE!

Hook on to one of these

Target acquired. There’s prizes up for grabs for the mighty Murray Cod, his sidekick the Golden Perch and introduced species Redfin and Carp. It’s a catch, measure, release competition with the exception of those mudsuckers. There’s going to be some absolute rippers reeled in left, right and centre. 

Murray Cod

The apex predator of our rivers and lakes with the explosive hits. Catch the biggest cod during the comp and you will win your fortune. Our tip, for those lure fishing in the comp.  You’ll want to start with surface lures at the start of the first day across the flats. Big fish will be up and feeding in the shallows on the Friday morning. For the rest of the competition; spinnerbaits, diving hard bodies and swimbaits are your best option. If you want big fish make sure you use big lures.

Golden Perch
The Murray Cods best mate, Golden Perch also has cash and prizes up for grabs if you can land one during the comp. A little tip for you, smaller lures are the best option when specifically target Golden Perch, like; 1/2oz spinnerbaits, 50-70mm diving Hardbody lures and 60mm Lipless crankbaits.

Yes, there are even prizes for Redfin at GoFish Nagambie. Our top tips for targeting Redfin:
Once you catch one, stay in the same location and fish it hard. They school in big numbers and chances are you’ll continue to catch them and maybe even upgrade. 

Log a fish

The tournament is adjudicated via our official tournament app.