Big Murray Cod with hardbody lure in its mouth

Price tag for the biggest cod.

As you may well have seen and heard, during our recent trip to AFTA, our Event Director let the cod out of the net and let slip the not-yet released cash prize for the biggest Murray Cod to be caught at GoFish Nagambie.

Read on to find out exactly what that Cod will earn you.

 Drum roll please, let the trumpets sound, without further ado…

We announce that if you can catch the largest Murray Cod of the tournament you will be the proud new owner of an $80,000 cheque.

It is true, GoFish Nagambie will be giving away the biggest and best prizes and cheques unrivalled by any other freshwater fishing tournaments within the country. With the announcement coming early for the $80,000 price tag for the biggest Murray Cod, this provides some insight into just how good our prize pool really is. You can rest assured that there are plenty of prizes remaining across open, cadet (teenage) and children’s categories and will be split to suit anglers of all abilities.

Hang tight. Exciting announcement with entry dates, costs and the prize pool will be made through our e-news very soon.


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