25-28 April 2019

The Goulburn Weir.

The Goulburn Weir is one of the jewels in the crown of GoFish Nagambie, so its only fitting that we take a quick look into the history of this magnificent structure. Yes, it sounds slightly boring, BUT you will be amazed by this body of water and the sheer size of it.

Did you know that the Goulburn Weir covers 1,130 hectares and when full it holds 25,500 megalitres of water?

Did you know that the weir is 212 meters long, 15 meters high across its nine radial gates and two overshot gates, it can release up to 96,000 megalitres per day?

Completed in 1891, the Goulburn Weir was the first major diversion structure built in Australia and remains a remarkable feat of engineering that uses the Goulburn River to irrigate half a million hectares of farmland.

Upon completion of the Weir, the Nagambie Lakes were formed. The constant water level provided by the weir means locals and visitors can enjoy fishing, rowing, boating, canoeing etc. all year round.

The area is perfect for fishing. The combination of river, lake, weir and backwaters are ideal to find Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Redfin, Salmonoids and Crayfish.

A remarkable feat of engineering has provided great fishing for the region.

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