25-28 April 2019


Paul Thomas holding decent sized cod

Cod Opening - The Goulburn is on fire.

Some are saying that this year’s cod opening on the Goulburn has been the best for five years. The Goulburn is fishing great, we’ve been seeing some good clarity and the fish are certainly biting. Here’s a quick whip around of what’s been biting and the gear that’s doing all the damage.

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Winemaker squeezing the red grapes


Nestled at the base of the Strathbogie Ranges, just a 40-minute drive from Nagambie, sits the charming heritage town of Euroa, and it would be remiss not to pop into this peaceful but hard-hitting and vibrant town when exploring the heart of Victoria.

Euroa is all about discovering local gems and exploring the region. We thought we’d give you a hand with a small list of some of our personal favorites.

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Murray Cod wearing christmas hat

Fishmas gift ideas for your fellow fishos.

It’s that time of the year where everyone is scratching their heads to find the perfect gift for Kris Kringle and family Christmas gifts. We know what you’re asking; what’s the hottest item on every fishos Santa list this year? You can bet your life it’s not socks and jocks!

To help steer you in the right direction, we’ve compiled a list of Christmas gift ideas that are perfect for the fisho on your list.

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Rhys Creed fishing at sunrise

Tournament Housekeeping

The countdown to GoFish Nagambie’s Pre-Sale is just around the corner, in fact, it’s just 6 days away until you can lock down those highly sought-after entries! There is some key information to get through before the pre-sale kicks off.

Read on to stay up-to-date with all the latest tournament news.

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Father and son each holding Golden Perch caught at Nagambie

Golden Perch tips, tricks and tactics.

With Cod closing fast approaching, we thought we’d whet your appetite and put the spotlight on they Murray Cod’s sidekick, the obesely oversized football, the true slob of the Goulburn River. We are of course talking about the Golden Perch and with big prizes up for grabs for the yellas, it might be wise to read our pointers for fishing Nagambie Golden’s.

Drum roll please…

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Baitcaster Lures on the deck of a boat

Buying your first Lure Fishing setup for Cod

Whether it’s a Christmas gift for mates and family or a New Year’s resolution for yourself; if you’re just getting into Murray Cod fishing, it can be very daunting sorting through the stack of gear available, but no need to worry, because Rhys, cod fishing extraordinaire is going to share his handy tips for buying your first cod rod.

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A young family enjoy the amazing views from Seymour


Seymour is a ripper spot to visit all year round BUT if there was one time of year that slightly nudges in front, Spring would be it. Visitors and locals alike, adore the wide-open spaces, meandering river, liveability, country hospitality and generosity, not to mention the locality and proximity to Melbourne.

Check out our Seymour in Spring guide for some of the best food, drink and activities in the area.

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Young Boy Holding Murray Cod

August Fishing Report.

The GoFish Nagambie fishing report puts the spotlight on the Goulburn River, Nagambie Lakes and surrounds for a look at what’s biting and the gear that’s doing all the damage.

Young Jack (pictured above) spent his school holidays fishing Lake Nagambie and learnt to cast and retrieve surface lures like a pro and was thrilled to catch a little reddie of the surface, but his catch of the day was that ripper 50cm cod caught on a yabbie. Well done mate! Jack is certainly a contender to take out the kids comp at GoFish Nagambie that’s for sure.

With only this month left to get amongst the Cod, we are praying to the weather gods that they come through with the goods for us, so we can enjoy the last of cod season before we let them nest. Speaking of the weather gods, The GoFish Nagambie team lucked out last weekend and managed to tempt a beauty from the cool clear waters around Nagambie on a stunning morning. The winning combo doing the damage was the Balista Lures Dyno 90 and the Abu Garcia Veritas and Revo Premier. An absolute ripper session.

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Mitch wearing GoFish Nagambie shirt casting at structure

Official GoFish Nagambie Merchandise.

By popular demand, the 2019 GoFish Nagambie Official Tournament Shirt is now available for purchase!

You’ve been asking for them and here they are. Buy one of these shirts, and you're guaranteed to be the best looking angler out on the water. 

Read on for more details on how to get your hands on the shirt.

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Rhys Creed safely releasing a murray cod

Looking after native species.

Being able to head down to a local waterway like Nagambie and catch beautiful native species like the Murray Cod and Golden Perch is something very special. These fish bring us joy, excitement and for some, a time to escape the day to day bustle.

Check out these proper handling techniques to ensure the fish we love continue to flourish.

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The Goulburn Weir.

The Goulburn Weir is one of the jewels in the crown of GoFish Nagambie, so its only fitting that we take a quick look into the history of this magnificent structure. Yes, it sounds slightly boring, BUT you will be amazed by this body of water and the sheer size of it.

Did you know that the Goulburn Weir covers 1,130 hectares and when full it holds 25,500 megalitres of water?

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Paul and Bailey Thomas Holding Golden Perch

November Fishing Report

Its been pretty tough yakka fishing the Goulburn of late, but reports are in and its fishing better than it has been for a long time. The mighty Goulburn is coming through with the goods, its settled great and big numbers of good quality Golden Perch are being caught.

If you're in the area, hot spots definitely at the moment are anywhere between Murchison and Undera.

Around Nagambie, Kayakers have been hitting Mitchell’s Creek hard, there’s plenty of structure for the fish and anglers are coming away with plenty of good-sized golden perch.

We’ve had a few reports coming from the Kirwans bridge area, plenty of good bank fishing opportunities there.

If you’re hitting the lake, fish around the snags in about 10-15ft. Redfin and Yellowbelly are really starting to fire. There’s been luck on the lake with trolling small hardbodies too.

Back to Basics.

GoFish Nagambie is a tournament for all. Whether you like consider yourself a top shelf angler and fancy your chances at the biggest cod, or if you identify as occasional angler who’s for the mateship or if you’re first timer that’s wanting to give fishing a go, it’s always good to take it back to basics.

Fishing for Australian natives can test the patience from time to time, to increase your chance at catching a Murray Cod, take it back to basics and follow some of these simple yet effective tips. 

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Big Murray Cod with hardbody lure in its mouth

Price tag for the biggest cod.

As you may well have seen and heard, during our recent trip to AFTA, our Event Director let the cod out of the net and let slip the not-yet released cash prize for the biggest Murray Cod to be caught at GoFish Nagambie.

Read on to find out exactly what that Cod will earn you.

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Rhys Creed Holding big murray cod

The Murray Cod.

The Murray Cod is the icon of Australian inland waterways, our largest freshwater fish and also the 4th largest in the world. There are historic records of cod reaching sizes of 1.8m long and over 100kg. They are most commonly caught in the 40-70cm bracket with captures up to 130-140cm popping up every now and then.

If you want to up your game and finally land that meter cod, it pays to know and understand the Murray Cod’s habits and patterns. Read on to step it up and take it the next level. 

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Black Caviar Statue, Nagambie


You may think we are biased, but that won’t stop us from saying that Nagambie is easily one of the best destinations within a 90-minute drive from Melbourne.

You can explore this iconic region full of wine, waterways, wetlands and wildlife. And yes, while fishing is one of our favourite activities to do in Nagambie, its not the only thing to put on your hitlist.

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Rhys Creed waving from his boat on Lake Nagambie

Fishing in Nagambie Lakes.

Nagambie Lakes is an incredibly unique waterway. It includes sections of the Goulburn River that open up into the lakes basin before turning into billabongs and backwaters as it meanders its way to the Goulburn Weir. The river is the life blood of the lake and runs through the middle carving a deep section, while shallow areas run off it into the lake.

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