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Rhys Holding Murray Cod

Meet Rhys


Rhys Creed is the pin-up boy for GoFish Nagambie 2019. Rhys is one of Australia’s top freshwater fishers. He’s an all-round legend and a bloody good guy. And you wouldn’t guess, but his favourite style of fishing is casting for Murray Cod in fast water rivers and he’s good at it. We challenge you to find a fisher in Australia that knows more about freshwater fishing, Murray Cod and/or Golden Perch. We sat down with Rhys and asked a few questions to report back to you. You can rest assured that we only have the best of the best providing you with the pro tips.

How did you get into fishing?

I started fishing as a young Aussie kid like most, with my Dad. I soon traded in my old man for mates and spent every waking hour of the weekend at Lake Albert in Wagga catching Carp. This is where I really fell in love with the sport and spent every spare moment learning as much as I could about fishing.

Why do you love fishing?

It’s because of the unknown. You just never know what is going to happen on a trip, what happens throughout the day is a mystery and that’s why I love it so much. It’s the challenge I face every singe moment I’m out on the water, the fish test my skills and I never stop learning.

What is it specifically about freshwater fishing?

I love freshwater fishing because of the landscape, the outback and the amazing places it takes me. There is nothing quite like the surrounding of the Australian bush, colour and peace and quiet.

Where does your affiliation with the Murray Cod stem from?

I have a love and passion for the Murray Cod, they are an extremely special fish. They can push you right to your limits and test your skills being a tough fish to catch at times, but this is what keeps me coming back. They are a beautiful species with magical colours and patterns and their sheer size and power is something that excites me.

Chasing the elusive metre plus fish is such a thrill especially when you feel the intense and powerful hit from one of these huge fish, the adrenaline is nothing quite like it.

What excites you about GoFish Nagambie?

It’s the first competition of its kind and I’m excited to be part of such a massive event based around freshwater fish. I’m looking forward to the community and festival component of the event as it’s a great way to bring like-minded people together in one place to share the passion we all love. I can’t wait to see anglers put their skills to the test and try to catch the winning fish and take out the massive cash and prizes up for grabs.

Aside from the fishing, what are you most looking forward to at GoFish Nagambie?  

The expo, the night vibe and the talks. The conversation that will be passed among anglers is something I’m really looking forward to. Brining anglers to one place for them to have a good time, learn more about fishing and for them to see what Nagambie has to offer.

 GoFishing with Rhys will be your monthly pro tips for all things freshwater fishing, anything related to our target species and any handy hints you need to give yourself the best shot at winning BIG at GoFish Nagambie.


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