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The GoFish Nagambie Camp Ground

Get fired up, the GoFish Nagambie Camp Ground is back


We are pretty proud of this one, we’re even giving ourselves a pat on the back, because this is the first of many ticks, we have been able to achieve in bringing you legends, what you asked for.

Some of the strongest post-event feedback we received was in reference to the complete ban on fires and gas cooking at our Camp Ground.

We’ve taken this on board, been working with the legendary local authorities and like a Steven Bradbury come from behind victory, we’ve done it!

YES! Camp fires and gas cooking facilities have both been given the green light for the camp ground. Warmth and good tucker (good may be a stretch for some), is coming your way in 2020.

Let’s do a quick roll call here;

  • Camp ground is back, with plenty of space for everyone
  • Fires are in, must be in a fire pit
  • Gas cooking is in, no sabotaging competitors with food poisoning please.

Location and more details to come, including when booking will be available, but we wanted to celebrate together with our win on this one.

Watch this space.


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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. Adam

    Was a little bit fresh there last year

    1. GoFish Nagambie

      Hey mate, certainly was BUT with the cracking combo of earlier dates and fires and cooking facilities in, we are all set for a ripper weekend!

  2. Matthew Nicholls

    Will there toilets or showers

    1. GoFish Nagambie

      Absolutely mate. Hang tight, we’ve got some more Camp Ground news coming your way very soon!

  3. Spiro

    Hi that’s great well done I missed out last year but I will not miss out again So please let me know so I can book a camp spot there will be 4 people tri boats regards spiro

    1. GoFish Nagambie

      Awesome mate. We’ve got some more details coming soon about Camp Ground and options.

  4. Chris Johnston

    Good work guys, its a bit sad camping and not being able to have a fire. I cant wait to get down there and where we are coming from we will need some warm.

    Regards Chris Johnston

    1. GoFish Nagambie

      Camping and fire are an iconic duo not to be messed with. Glad we can help you northerners stay warm this time around. Bring it on mate!

  5. Barbara Jordan

    We have a medium size bus. Is this permitted in the camp?.
    Can we use a low noise generator or solar panels?

    1. GoFish Nagambie

      Yeah, medium sized bus sounds awesome. Absolutely permitted. Solar panels are in. Generators are on the caution list. Stay tuned though for more camping details coming very soon.

  6. Barbara Jordan

    Can we bring our own boat?.
    How much is entry?

    1. GoFish Nagambie

      Yes, absolutely. You’re own boat is a must. Details around entries have not yet been released but its definitely on the horizon soon!

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