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Fishing in Nagambie Lakes


Nagambie Lakes is an incredibly unique waterway. It includes sections of the Goulburn River that open up into the lakes basin before turning into billabongs and backwaters as it meanders its way to the Goulburn Weir. The river is the life blood of the lake and runs through the middle carving a deep section, while shallow areas run off it into the lake.

The lake is loaded with standing timber which is every angler’s paradise! Murray Cod and Golden Perch call this waterway home and live in amongst all the heavy timber and structure.

There are so many fishing options and access to the waterway here. There are more than five boat ramps scattered across the lake and you can fish in the basin or you can head up-river and fish the flowing water.

The lake is home to a strong population of native fish and has some monster Murray Cod lurking in these waters. The big fish hide out in the deep sections of the river bed and will feed on the drop from shallow to deep water as the bait fish move off the shallows.

Tip for Targeting Big Cod in Nagambie: During the night the metre plus fish will also move into the very shallows to feed; sometimes they can be found in just a foot of water! At first light they will still be feeding so using large surface lures is a very successful technique. Fish in shallow areas that are close to the river bed, with heavy timber and cover. Don’t be afraid to cast right to the bank as well.

Remember this tip come the GoFish Nagambie competition in April next year. It might just help you catch that winning fish!


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  1. Carole Collins

    Hi GoFish Nagambie,

    I would like to introduce myself and provide Nagambie accommodation information that may be of use for your event competitors.

    I own a Bed &Breakfast residence, located at 37 Vale st Nagambie- 400metres down the road from the Royal Mail Hotel, called ” Relaxing on Vale”.
    The cottage sleeps 11 adults + a portacot.
    I also have a self-contained bungalow at the rear of the 4BR cottage that sleeps another 4 persons.
    Both venues have fully-equipped kitchens and there are laundry facilities on site. There is also a BB and outdoor seating. On site is ample parking for 2-3 boats, water hoses and outside lighting/power available on this large house lot.

    Guest applicants visit website, to view photos and more information or to make bookings for our B & B.
    I thank you in advance for letting people know about our B & B. To assist in promoting your event, I have placed your GoFish brochure in the Welcome/ local information folder located at the B & B.

    Kind regards,

    Carole- Host/ Owner
    Ph#: 0419 435 896

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