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DIY Tacklebox Tips


Half the fun of fishing is tinkering and playing around with all the gear that comes with it. Accessorising and personalising is a big part of the fun. Here are some cheap and effective ideas for keeping your tackle and gear in good condition.

  1. Keep your tackle from rusting by keeping the silica gel packets found in packaging and put them in your tackle trays with lures and hooks. They absorb the moisture and help prevent rusting. A very simple and cost-effective solution to keeping your lures in good condition.
  2. Pimp your tacklebox to offer better protection to your lures. All you need to do is line the bottom of your tray with super soft adhesive tape (available at Clark Rubber), there are multiple widths available so find a fit that suits your tray. This will prevent lures from moving around in the box ensuring less damage, tangling and rust. 
  3. Keep your fishing rods tidy and organised with this quick easy storage solution. Simply install a couple of wire shelves on the walls of your garage, one above the other. This will create a tidy and decluttered space for rod storage and take away the worry of tangled lines and hooks.
  4. A simple and easy lure rack that not only keeps them neat and tidy and creates a great display to show off your impressive collection. All you need is a piece of wire mesh to mount on your garage wall.
  5.  This is the simplest DIY tip of them all. Use a safety pin to keep hooks organised.
  6. The lure junkies amongst us will swap lures several times per session. Instead of putting wet lures back in the tackle box, just stick a piece of closed cell foam rubber to the side of the hull with silicone.  Lures and spares can be stabbed into this, allowed to dry and ripped out with little effort.


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