2nd to 5th April 2020. Lock it in. See you at the Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre

2nd to 5th April 2020. Lock it in. See you at the Nagambie Lakes Regatta Centre

Competitor Guide.


GoFish Nagambie Competitor Guide

Congratulations on securing your place to compete in the inaugural GoFish Nagambie Tournament powered by Mercury Marine, where you have the chance to win a share of $500,000 in cash and prizes. With the Tournament Zone spanning a huge range of pristine waterways and the river specifically stocked with our target species of Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Redfin and European Carp, you’ll be reeling in prizes left right and centre! The GoFish Nagambie Competitor Guide outlines everything you need to know as an angler competing in the Tournament. Please ensure you read over all the details thoroughly, so you do not miss out on anything!
competitor guide updated 20 april 2019

Be sure to also download the latest copy of the Tournament Zone map below.

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Tournament Zone.

The GoFish Nagambie tournament zone covers a huge range of river and lake systems providing anglers with plenty of space to find themselves that winning fish.

The tournament zone includes all lakes, backwaters and small creek & estuaries between the Goulburn Weir and approximately 2km south of the Hughes creek junction. The only exclusion to this is the Tabilk lagoon, which is excluded from the tournament due to its wetlands and wildlife reserve status.  The ends of the Tournament Zone will be clearly marked out by signage during the competition. Participants will be provided with a map and detail of the fishing competition area boundaries.

The footprint produces strong arguments for all three categories. What will it be? The boat, the kayak or the bank. It’s a tough choice.

Nagambie Lakes, whilst shallow in nature, is formed by a deep river bed and flooded lagoons. The lake is full of heavy structure and timber that could be hiding some monster cod.

The Goulburn River section that falls within the tournament zone is littered with timber, in fact, there is so much timber in the river it can be hard to know where to start. A good problem to have and you’ll certainly be spoiled for choice. This also means fish have a plethora of snags to choose from, which means you’ll need to be selective in which ones you choose to fish. If you cast at every snag, you’ll be fishing for months on end.

The GoFish Nagambie tournament zone provides anglers with plenty of choice in how they fish the tournament. All we can say now is best of luck.

Tournament Zone Map Updated 20 April 2019
Map of GoFish Nagambie Tournament Zone


Rules & Regulations

The GoFish Nagambie Rules & Regulations have been updated and finalised. Please note there are some changes from the previous version. It is important that every competitor reads these rules and regulations before hitting the water.

By entering the tournament, the competitor agrees to abide by all rules and regulations stipulated in this document, and understands the decision of the event organiser is final and no discussion will be entered into.

Rules and regulations are current as at 20th ApRIL 2019. Event directors reserve the right to update the rules and regulations at anytime.
Download the Rules & Regulations

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