Must have lures for Cod season opening

With cod opening just over a week away, we’ve touched base with the local authority on Goulburn River Cod, Steve and Ross Threlfall from Trelly's in Shepparton to hear their thoughts on what lures you need in your artillery to smash cod season on the Goulburn River.

Read on for the 6 lures that are sure to land some monster Goulburn Cod.

 1. Bassman Spinnerbaits.

The Codman series from Bassman Spinnerbaits is an absolute classic and must have in every native anglers tacklebox. The vibration these lures put off make this spinnerbait absolute cod candy, they just can’t resist. The double Colorado blades are designed for slow moving waters like the Goulburn River.

2. Codger Lures.

Designed in Shepparton with the Goulburn River Cod in mind, Codger lures provide the perfect, wide action that Murray Cod can’t resist.

3. StumpJumpers.

The StumpJumper is a Victorian icon. With proven swimming action and unbelievable anti-snag capabilities combined with the snap-lock bib that allows anglers to instantly alter the action and characteristics of the lure, these are absolute crackers for the upcoming cod season.

4. Old Mate Lures.

Locally designed and with Murray Cod specifically in mind, the Old Mate Lures action showcases quick diving capabilities. Whether its trolling from the boat or casting from the bank, Old Mate lures are a must have for the tacklebox.

5. LiveTarget Field Mouse.

This is the perfect treat for cod stalking in heavy cover and for cod waiting to ambush their pray. You’ll get the most out of this one when skirted across the tops of pads and grass mats. It also has an incredible side-to-side walk the dog action when used in open runs.

6. Jackall Pompadour.

This lure is the ultimate surface lure. It’s a simplicity is what makes it such a stand out. You can fish it as simply as cast and slow retrieve or twitching it under trees or above snags. The Jackall Pompadour features rattling that imitates a cicada or chattering bird, buzz blades on the rear create bubble attractant and the wings create possible the coolest action and noisiest topwater lure you’ll find.

The full range of lures is available in store and online at Trelly's

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