Paul Worsteling holding big Nagambie Cod

Paul Worsteling and Rhys Creed - Fishing Trip Report

Our good mates Paul Worsteling and Rhys Creed had a fish at Nagambie Wednesday and Thursday, and boy oh boy was it firing on all cylinders. The boys had an absolute ripper of a time managing to land 5 cod in one session.

The bite windows that produced the goods, were as expected, early and late, with early being the real standout. Best results were hauled in from the main lake area near the Leisure Park, the west side of Della Island produced some clutch 80cm+ cod as did the river bed downstream towards Kirwan’s Bridge.

Early on in the morning, casting spinnerbaits and hardbody lures tight to the bank and finding shade patches was key. This technique landing five 80cm+ cod.

Once the sun was up, a change of technique was in order, with the boys taking to trolling the river bed, looking for structure to pass over. And hey presto, two cod were caught, one being 94cm. You little ripper, or should we say, you big ripper. The other 80cm cod was sitting tight to large standing timber that was old and big. Hardbodies are perfect for this.

The boys were throwing around Mud Guts 5/8oz with Colorado Blades, Balista Dyno 90 and AC 70mm were the pick of the lures. Dark colours coming up best.

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