Golden Perch at Nagambie

Feb Fishing Report

The Goulburn is absolutely firing on all cylinders at the moment AND the weekend weather forecast is prime for some big fish time. Read more to here whats working on the Goulburn.

The Nagambie Angling Club had their monthly club competition last weekend with some outstanding results. 

Cod were being caught left, right and centre, plenty for smaller cod but some sizeable 60-65cm hit the top of the competition table. The flavour of the month with the Murray Cod was bait with cheese and bardi grubs doing the most damage. Cod in the 60 – 65cm range were also landed on lures with the Pompadours off the surface, yet again, producing the goods.

There was a huge haul of decent sized yellowbelly, top of the leaderboard measured in at 48cm, with and I quote from Wally Cubbin, Club President “too many to count between the 40 to 48cm mark.” Bait including cheese, bardi grubs, shrimp, yabbies and scrub worms all scored runs on the board. Lures, it was the StumpJumpers and Old Mate Divers that come through as best performing.

Wally reiterated just how good the Goulburn and Nagambie are fishing. It is so fun out there at the moment, get out there and wet a line this weekend.

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