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Cod Opening - The Goulburn is on fire.

Some are saying that this year’s cod opening on the Goulburn has been the best for five years. The Goulburn is fishing great, we’ve been seeing some good clarity and the fish are certainly biting. Here’s a quick whip around of what’s been biting and the gear that’s doing all the damage.

Reports are that the Trawool area cod opening was an absolute cracker, trolling 6-meter divers in orange seemed to be the dynamic combo for landing the account openers for 2018/19 Cod season.

 Towards Seymour there was plenty of good Redfin on small yabbies and size 3 StumpJumpers and plenty of yellowbelly caught on Jackall T/Ns.

Around Nagambie Yellowbelly and redfin were caught on worms, shrimp and small yabbies. Bobbing the deep water around dead trees near the caravan park to Tahbilk winery produced the goods for cod. Those that were out bank fishing, had all the luck (or skill) from the boardwalk on the lake and in the river near Chinaman’s bridge.

Again, at Nagambie, Major Mitchells is a hot spot for yellowbelly. If you are willing to put in the hard yards for cod, anywhere from the Hughes Creek mouth and downstream is hot property. Finding the deep holes of 5+ meters are where the big fish will be. Throwing out Stumpjumpers and predators is what’s producing the goods.

Below the weir from Murchison East to Undera is fishing really well. Perfect conditions for lure fishing with the water being clear and running slowly. Lots of reports of cod between 70cm and 80cm and big yellowbelly coming in from this area. Again, with the water clarity being good here, you can’t go past the lures. Duggens Road at Murchison East would be a spot to try, also worth giving Cemetery Bend Toolamba at the end of Kiota Road a go.

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