25-28 April 2019


Nagambie local holding cod

Local Fishing Report

Mitchelton Winery is still producing some good sized cod with Spinnerbaits the order of choice, we reckon casting them in just on the edge of the deep drop offs and let it hit the bottom before slowly retrieving it is the best bet.

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Paul Worsteling and Rhys Creed with 94cm Nagambie Cod

10 Reasons to enter GoFish Nagambie

Pristine country, thrilling adventure and a catch that could change your life, GoFish Nagambie has half a million reasons to get hooked in. We’ve got camping covered, bars covered, bands and BIG FISH are all covered. Blink and you could miss out on a boat entry.

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Give yourself the advantage with Mercury Marine


Now is the time to save on the Mercury 40-60hp FourStroke Range. Mercury 40, 50, 60hp FourStrokes are some of the most popular outboards on the water. They deliver what every boating fisho needs – no-worry reliability, outstanding performance and unmatched fuel economy. Sink your teeth into these six reasons why these engines, will improve your fishing and help you bag some monsters.

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MS Family

GoFish Nagambie MS Family Program

MS, the official charity partner of GoFish Nagambie, are excited to announce the inaugural GoFish Nagambie MS Family Program. The GoFish Nagambie MS Family Program will provide people living with multiple sclerosis, their families and carers a unique experience at GoFish Nagambie.

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Bloke fishing at structure on Nagambie Lake

Join a Fishing Club.

Benefits of joining a fishing club
Love Fishing? Join the club.

It’s no surprise that fishing is our favourite pastime. It is a fantastic way to spend quality time outdoors with likeminded people. For some fishers, it can be difficult to find people to go fishing with especially if your friends and family aren’t quite as passionate as you are! If that’s the case or you would like the opportunity to participate in more fishing events, it may be time to join your local fishing club.

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Murray Cod with its bucket mouth open

The Boats and More Weekend Challenge

We said there'd be more opportunities to get out, test the app and win some additional prizes ahead of April's big showdown, and here is the next opportunity. Read on for all the juicy details on the comp including prizes from the legends at Boats and More Shepparton.

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Image demonstrating perfect cod structure and where to cast at it

Casting at Structure

Here is freshwater fishing guru and GoFish Nagambie Ambassador Rhys Creed with some tips on casting at structure for Murray Cod. Check out his insights here. The above image demonstrates the perfect piece of structure for Murray Cod and as you can see there are a number of good areas to cast along this log. 1. This is by far the best! The root ball is usually where the largest fish hides out and provides the best cover and ambush location for the fish. This spot is definitely worth 3-5 casts. 2. Moving along you can see there is evidence of a small stick poking up which could mean more structure under the log. There is also plenty of cover and shade for the fish. 3. You always want to cast to as many spots as you can and in this situation, you should work your way down the log. There could be fish hiding tight under the fallen trunk. 4. This is an area where you might find a small and hungry fish waiting for food to flow past.Now my last tip… on a log like this a spinnerbait is by far the preferred lure choice. Reason being, you are casting tight to a log and you need to allow it to sink underneath the structure. The below image is another example of Murray Cod structure! This shows how much structure can actually be beneath the water surface. The picture in the top right shows a high river and the X is a location where we have previously caught a large Murray Cod. As you can see, when the water is lower there is a gap between the logs which is the perfect hole for a big fish to hide. This is exactly where the big cod was sitting in wait for something to eat.

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Paul Thomas holding decent sized cod

Cod Opening - The Goulburn is on fire.

Some are saying that this year’s cod opening on the Goulburn has been the best for five years. The Goulburn is fishing great, we’ve been seeing some good clarity and the fish are certainly biting. Here’s a quick whip around of what’s been biting and the gear that’s doing all the damage.

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Murray Cod wearing christmas hat

Fishmas gift ideas for your fellow fishos.

It’s that time of the year where everyone is scratching their heads to find the perfect gift for Kris Kringle and family Christmas gifts. We know what you’re asking; what’s the hottest item on every fishos Santa list this year? You can bet your life it’s not socks and jocks!

To help steer you in the right direction, we’ve compiled a list of Christmas gift ideas that are perfect for the fisho on your list.

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