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Eildon from above

A note from Eildon


This edition is a little different to usual…

Normally I’m talking about a technique or a tip that will help you on your fishing sessions. This time I want to share what I’ve been up to over the past few days. As I sit down and write this, I’m sitting by a camp fire on the Goulburn River in Victoria. I’ve travelled down to spend some time at Lake Eildon which is a magical fishing spot and a must visit. For those of you who don’t know much about Eildon its not that far from Nagambie, a little over and hour to the east.


What I want to talk about is planning for a trip and what I do to prep before a big trip like the one I’m on now. I know a lot of us cannot plan around the weather, but on this trip I picked the best handful of days out of the week. Weather is critical for natives and makes a massive difference.

A lead up of warm weather before a trip will make a massive difference, especially at this time of year. If the location your planning to fish has a cold snap, the fish will slow down, both cod and yellas. At least two consecutive days of warm sunny weather, over 20 degrees is key. Its late October at the moment so 25-28 degrees are the days you want. With the warm weather comes the rise in water temperature which kicks the fish into high activity.


I can’t stress enough how important it is to do your research, the more the better! I spent the week prior reading content, looking at maps, going through photo from old trips and talking to locals about what has been happening. The more of a understanding you have of the environment the more chance you’ll know what to do when out on the water.

I love looking through maps to get an understanding of the lake, find the good banks and bays, understand which end the water comes in from and where it runs out. These details help with understanding where the warmer water will be, the deeper water and also where the dirty water will be if it has happened to of rained over the few weeks prior.


It may sound silly, but if you have confidence in what your are doing, you’ll find success. What I mean by this, is to start with your favorite technique and what works for you. If you catch fish casting to structure with spinnerbaits in your home location… start with that.

You’ll be more confident to start with and this will help, trust me. If it doesn’t work… then change ti up from there to find what works. For example at Eildon there are so many different techniques you can use depending on where you are located. Many of the banks are loaded with timber… and I mean loaded! The best option for these areas is to use extremely snag resistant lures; spinnerbaits and hardbodies are the pick. Any other lure will snag too much, but if I were to fish the open rocky points in the northern sections of the dam I’d be using plastics or lipless crankbaits.

Now its time for me to prep for my morning session on the lake… I’m sticking to my guns and fishing the steeper banks with timber with a spinnerbait and then I’ll adapt as the day goes on if I’m not finding success.

One last tip before I finish up for any lake… is to find clear water! Good luck with your sessions over the next few weeks and I’ll be back next month with more tips and content.



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