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Adele, young female with 103cm Murray Cod

23 January 2020


Things are just starting to get interesting on the Goulburn River and Nagambie Lakes. A 114cm Murray Cod was caught near Tahbilk Winery on a delicious cocktail of Chicken and Cheese, a metery was caught downstream of Hughes Creek on a grub AND young Adele pulled in a 103cm Murray Cod trolling an Old Mate diver on the lake. Just call Nagambie meter city!

From the bank, the boardwalk in town is also providing a good return on Murray Cod with an 80cm caught just yesterday.

Getting good numbers of Golden Perch bobbing soft plastics around the willow trees at Kirwans Bridge.

Over the last month, we’ve heard of over 15 fish over the meter mark and plenty more between 60 cm to 80cm caught in the Goulburn, showing just how damn good our fishery is at the moment.


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  1. Peter Dawson

    Fishing certainly producing top results at the moment in Nagambie waters!!.Question..can you please tell me a safe clearance height under Kirwans Bridge?….Fisherpersons with forward control-windscreen-bimini-rocketlauncher style boats like mine would be interested to know… pending height,rocket launcher could be dismantled prior to event.Bimini can fold down easily.This info would help heaps as I am sure others ‘would be in the same boat ‘…..pun…PS I am aware you can trailer your boat around to fish both sides. Thanks Peter.

    1. GoFish Nagambie

      Great question mate! Actually not sure. Let us find out and come back to you soon!

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